By admin on November 11th, 2010

Interview with Cezary Konrad with very kind words from the few great musicians.

“Cezary shines as a warm human being, and consequently, also as a musician. He’s an inspired, very creative player with a lot of fire and a lot of heart. Just the kind of musician I like!”
Gary Husband

“Cezary Konrad completely knocked my socks off. He handled all of my music with confidence and authority but also showed that he is aware of that little known musical trait; restraint.”
Jim Beard

“I was so impressed with the playing of Cezary! That concert we did together was one of the most memorable of all the concerts I’ve done with various orchestras in Europe. The rhythm section was simply amazing. Cezary knew the music inside and out and was so creative that I was shocked. He had power and virtuosity, but also had the artistry and courage to leave a lot of space too. I came back and told my band all about it. I wish someone had recorded it. I never got to hear it again. I really wish I had the chance to do that. It’s not often that a drummer really sticks in my mind like that. He’s truly exceptional.”
Maria Schneider
Moore in the magazine “Perkusista”.

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